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About Us
Everlasting Enterprise Ltd., Dongguan office was established in 2001 which is professional at OEM & ODM parts. It is a subsidiary company of?Antung group established in 1962,Website:http://www.everlastingdg.com, headquartered in Taiwan with six business divisions and 14 re-investment businesses, totaling 325 employees in Taiwan, China, the United States, and the Netherlands.? With years developing and expanding, Everlasting Enterprise Ltd., Dongguan office has been building good cooperation relationship with many factories in China, which enable us can provide more competitive price and better service to our customer. Also, we have got ISO9001 certification in 2005. It's been about 30 years since we started the OEM/ODM products business. By growing successfully with our customers from USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan and many other countries, we have built up a good reputation in international business and established good performance in following fields from investment casting, die casting, sand casting, stamping + assembly and so on. It is always our goal to provide a satisfactory service to our customer with reasonable price, high quality product, accurate delivery time and all necessary assistance. Welcome to find us Everlasting Enterprise Ltd., Dongguan office to be your supply chain specialist.?
Products and services
Precision Investment Casting Die Casting Sand Casting Precision Machining Forming and Welding and Sub Assembly